Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office rescues 2 boaters stranded in water

TAMPA, Fla. — Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) saved two boaters that were left stranded in Tampa Bay waters Monday.

Marine Unit officers were conducting maritime patrols when they observed a disabled boat with one person on board and two adults in the water. Both were in the water and nearly 200 yards away from the boat, appearing to be in distress. HCSO said one of the individuals did not have a life preserver.

Authorities rushed to rescue the stranded boaters and bring them aboard to safety.

“I’m so thankful our Marine Unit was on patrol and prepared for a situation like this. Had they not been patrolling the waters, this could have ended very differently,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said. “Summer is just around the corner. I want to remind all boaters to ensure their vessels are in good condition, and to please, always wear a life jacket. These simple steps could be the difference between a beautiful day out on the water or a tragedy.”

The boaters were later taken back to their vessel and returned to the marina.


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